Unrecognized operator abs

i have made a login service with firebase and google signin.
On deploying it on a webbrowser it works properly but when i scan the same project with my app i get this error

are you used react-native-reanimated or react-native-gesture-handler

Hey @luckyy14,

Googling the error seems to have brought up a promising thread. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63315761/react-native-getting-this-error-unrecognized-operator-abs

Remember, googling the error you are dealing with is always a great first step to see if others have encountered said error. More often that not, someone has and they also have found a solution.


Hey @adamjnav
I’ve never heard of that google you’re talking about, but Binging the error brought up a few solutions, none of which worked for me.

Remember, if there’s a bug in your team’s code, the solution isn’t to condescend to your users. More often than not, they’ve tried available solutions. I ran the suggested command as well as npm install -g expo-cli and am still getting this issue.


Please post the output of expo diagnostics run from within the root of your project, and also your package.json.