Update expo app or push code to make new version


Hello Friedns,
how push code to new version??

please help me how can I update my app which have installed on someone their mobile as remotely without downloading again my application??

Most Regards
Muhammad Wafa


I believe you can exp publish and they will receive a new js bundle

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thank you bacon,
I see it,
it works nice just some changes doesnt work in app.json file.
I am so much thank full for expo perfect team

Most Regards
Muhammad Wafa

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When you update the app.json file, you will need to push another version of your app to the app/play store :nauseated_face: This is because you update things that are outside of the js bundle, like the app icon, info.plist, bundle identifier, ect…

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Ok Bacon,
Thank you So much
I will see it.

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