Use AccountKit with expo without detaching it


I am the new member of the month baby, and I had to post this.

So It breaks my heart to hear Accountkit didn’t work natively with expo and unless you detach it.
Fear not there is a way.

I basically created a webpage which hosts a web version of accountkit. Host it on your server.!

The live preview of that gist can be seen here

And a working version of accountkit with expo can be seen here

Make sure to whitelist your host/domain as seen in the screenshot. I assume this is the same way how some payment gateways work via webview but act as a part of your application.

Did I mention I love expo.


@xbsdeset This is awesome. Thanks a ton for sharing this with the community. Absolutely love to see when developers help provide solutions to other devs! :+1:t4:




Dear @xbsdeset

This is wonderful and great and …
You’ve contributed so much to mobile develop with expo as well as to me.

Thanks and Sorry to greet so late.



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