using FCM as push notification with EXPO Client

For the push notifications, I must use FCM since I need to use the topic filed that currently, for my understanding, is not supported by Expo.
I am getting the token directly from FCM and using the FCM server to send notifications. Problem is that it works only when I am using a standalone APK. When I am running the app on EXPO client, I am getting the following error from FCM:
“error”: “MismatchSenderId”


Hi! If you want to send notifications directly through FCM, and not through the Expo notifications service, you’ll have to test in a standalone app (as in, an app you built with expo build:android). This is because you don’t have the push credentials for the Expo client app, only we do :slight_smile:

If you want to test in the Expo client app, then you can do that with Expo’s notifications, which you can read more about here-

Is there a way I can easily debug a standalone app?
when I’m sending push notifications via FCM server, my device gets it but it seems like the application doesn’t (sending data withing the notification). According to the documents all I need to do when using FCM is to change the way I’m getting the token ( const token = (await Notifications.getDevicePushTokenAsync()).data).
Should I change the way I am listening for incoming notifications? Can i still use expo-notifications to do so?

It will be awesome to have a feature where you can run your standalone app from EXPO client (can help also in scenarios where you have bugs in the standalone app only).