Video.presentIOSFullscreenPlayer stops playing after a few seconds


When using the Component, and trying to launch in full screen mode (videoRef.presentIOSFullscreenPlayer), the video does enter a full screen state, but abruptly stops playing after a few seconds. Even if I try to pause/restart/replay - same result. However, If i set nativeControls to true, and try to launch fullscreen this way, it works fine. I’m trying to use a custom UI for my video - so using nativeControls is not an option. Any guidance would be appreciated - thanks!


Hey @snly2386! Thanks for the report! Could you create a Github issue with a link to a Snack demonstrating this?


Just a thought — have you tried enabling native controls when the video is full-screen and vice versa as a workaround? That way you could have custom controls when the video is inline.


@jesse I created an issue/snack here Thanks ~

@ide I’m not sure I follow. Calling videoRef.presentIOSFullscreenPlayer already brings up the native UI with native controls. I don’t think I can customize the fullscreeen player’s controls.


Since the native controls are active anyway when you full screen the video, and since you mentioned not experiencing this issue when you set useNativeControls to true, you could try toggling useNativeControls along with the full screening.


@ide oh interesting - I’ll try that thanks ~


Toggling the NativeControls didn’t work unfortunately. I still have to click my custom full screen button - which still has to make the call to presentIOSFullscreenPlayer. Clicking the native fullscreen button seems to be the only way to get a fullscreen video to work.


That’s interesting — it sounds like the difference could be between the native button and the method call, not whether the native controls were enabled when the method was invoked. Not sure why there’s a difference in behavior but sussing out the root cause is the first step.

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