WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync reloads WebView underneath


The app I’m working on is a search engine where the search results are rendered in a react-native WebView. When someone clicks a link in the search result page, I intercept it via onNavigationStateChange and open the result page in a modal using WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync.

This works well, except when you close the modal, the underlying WebView reloads (I’m guessing it got unloaded from the DOM). Is there a way to preserve the state and scroll position of the WebView underneath while the WebBrowser is loaded up?

Update: this seems to happen to me on an iPhone X, but when I use an Android phone to reproduce, the WebView underneath does seem to preserve position.

Update 2: For comparison, I implemented a simple webview + modal as a workaround and that worked fine, so there is something about WebBrowser that interferes with the state of other WebViews



same here

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