What if Expo dies?


I will be starting a new RN project shortly, and am weighing up the pros & cons of React Native CLI vs Expo. Expo looks favourite, but what will happen to my project if the Expo project dies for any reason at some point in the future? Will my project be dead in the water? Or will it be easy to migrate it over to the standard CLI?


Hey @jbradshaw7,

We don’t plan on going anywhere, but if the worst we’re to happen and Expo did cease to exist, the migration from an Expo project to a Vanilla RN project wouldn’t be too extreme. Expo uses a slightly different fork of RN, but for the most part it is the same. You would also have to find alternate means if you implemented some of the Expo SDK APIs, but in a Vanilla project, you’ll likely be able to find libraries out there that you can use that offer similar functionality. You’ll just have to deal with some native code configuration. Overall, there isn’t that high of a degree of product lock-in and we’re showing no signs of slowing down.




This blog post also touches upon this topic a bit:

If you’re ever worried about Expo going in a direction that you don’t like, we also made Expo open source (BSD licensed) so that you can do whatever you want with it — hack on it, add features that are missing, change things you don’t like, etc. And this means that even if our company disappeared somehow, the project could keep on going.

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