Will apple reject the app due to the OTA update


Hi, maybe a silly question, as I know with Expo we can to OTA update. But the Apple review guide seems doesn’t allow the app be able to change any functionality without their review. How does Expo solve this? Will the app made with Expo be rejected from app store one day as Apple realized Expo’s OTA update feature?



Not at all! The relevant part of Apple’s guidelines is 3.3.2

3.3.2 An Application may not download or install executable code. Interpreted
code may only be used in an Application if all scripts, code and interpreters are
packaged in the Application and not downloaded. The only exception to the
foregoing is scripts and code downloaded and run by Apple’s built-in WebKit
framework or JavascriptCore, provided that such scripts and code do not change
the primary purpose of the Application by providing features or functionality that are
inconsistent with the intended and advertised purpose of the Application as
submitted to the App Store.

So long as your updates are bug fixes or improvements/features that maintain the app’s original/presented purpose OTA updates are in line with Apple’s policies