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Help: Expo SDK

Questions regarding the Expo SDK such as its APIs and the push notification service in a standard (soon to known as Managed) project belong here. If your project is ejected, please post here!

Help: Ejected (ExpoKit)

Questions regarding ejected ExpoKit projects belong here!

Help: Expo-CLI/Build Service

Expo-CLI, the replacement of create-react-native-app (CRNA), is a command line environment that lets you serve, share, build, and publish Expo projects! Questions regarding Expo-CLI and Expo’s build service belong here.

Help: Snack

Snack is Expo’s online editor where you write code and can instantly use it on your phone with the Expo Client app. Snack is great for rapid prototyping usually in the form of single-screen “snacks”. Questions regarding Snack belong here.

Help: Expo Client

Questions regarding the Expo Client app for Android and iOS belong here!

Help: Expo for Web (beta)

Questions regarding Expo for Web belong here.

Help: Expo Website

Questions regarding the Expo website belong here.

Help: Expo Docs

Questions regarding Expo’s documentation belong here.

Third Party Software

Questions regarding third party software integration with Expo belong here such as “Is it possible to use X with Expo?”

How To

Explore and share guidance on how to implement something in your app belongs here. Warning: Expo does not provide support here. Also, please refrain from asking others to write code for you.


Share apps you’ve created, brainstorm ideas together, meet your fellow Exponauts from around the world and chat in here!

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