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Help with Expo

This is the place for questions about the Expo platform and tools like the Expo client app, the XDE desktop app, and the exp command-line tool.


Snack ( is a way to write code in Expo's online editor and instantly use it on your phone. Snack is great for single-screen "snacks" that you want to actually try out on your phone. It uses the the Expo client app and is pretty cool -- definitely try it out and use this forum to ask questions and share cool Snacks you've made or found.

Expo CLI

Expo-CLI is a command line environment that lets you serve, share, build, and publish Expo projects. It makes it significantly easier to get started with an Expo or React Native project! It replaces create-react-native-app (CRNA), and has taken over this category, so that CRNA questions are still archived below. It’s heavily inspired by the design of Create React App and is the product of a collaboration between Facebook and Expo.

Cheer 🎉

Share apps you've published or submitted to the App Store or Play Store and screenshots/GIFs of cool things you're working on. It's a great feeling to ship things! Come cheer on fellow Expo developers in the community

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