Expo - Can't open publish app on my team account on iOS device

You need to be logged in either as the user that published the project, or you’d have to add the people you want to share your project with to your team - https://expo.io/dashboard/@me/settings/members

This used to be a feature on iOS, but we had to remove it due to some warnings from Apple


oh, thanks @charliecruzan

apple made us confused :slight_smile:

Sorry, my case was also due to not using team account.
The issue left could be the improvement of error messages or another way of UX design.

15 days ago:
iOS 13.x it showed “The operation couldn’t be completed.( EXNetwork error: 403).”
iOS 14.0.1 it only showed “could not load exp://exp.host/@[USERNAME]/[PROJECT_NAME]”

Maybe better to tell the users in Expo mobile client that only the app developer or team members can access the app.
Or, to display a notice in Expo iOS client that “you can only view your own app or your team own app” in the screen with app list.

Expo Team thank you for the response.

I haven’t used Expo in a long time and I just encountered the same problem trying to share a new published Expo app with someone else. Is there link or blog post that explains the situation in more detail? Thanks.

there is this blog post from 2018 when we had to make the change to comply with app store policies: https://blog.expo.io/upcoming-limitations-to-ios-expo-client-8076d01aee1a


So if I understood @charliecruzan correctly, only people I INVITE can view the app via their EXPO ACCOUNT?? What the ever living heck! I have 3 projects on my professional portfolio that now cannot be accessed as of the past few months and I’m likely not getting job interviews due to the clients not able to access my work?! there has GOT TO BE WAYS AROUND THIS!!

Why bother giving us a publish tool and ability to make it PUBLIC if it is ONLY available to the person who made it while logged into THAT ACCT ONLY and to any expo accounts it’s shared to? I do not want to also tell clients and jobs that they have to download client AND use a special account to login…

I noticed this too but without a team account.

Same issue on iOS 13.x (some version before upgrading to iOS 14).
iOS 13.x it shows “The operation couldn’t be completed.( EXNetwork error: 403).”
iOS 14.0.1 it only shows “could not load exp://exp.host/@[USERNAME]/[PROJECT_NAME]”

Fine on iOS 12.4.8 .