GoogleSignIn.signInAsync: DEVELOPER_ERROR

One question: in docs it says I don’t need to pass in a clientId if I am using google-services.json file. Is this only for iOS, or true for Android too? I was passing in a clientId all this time. I was using the one for client_type: 3. Here is a snippet from my google-services.json file:

“oauth_client”: [
“client_id”: “”,
“client_type”: 1,
“android_info”: {
“package_name”: “my-pkg”,
“certificate_hash”: “my-hash”
“client_id”: “another-client-id”,
“client_type”: 3
Should I use the clientId for client_type=1 or 3 for a standalone app on Android? Or do I not need to pass in any clientId to GoogleSignIn.initAsync?

i have same issue when trying googleSignIn, is it possible use it without firebase?
Because my package name and SHA-1 already used Oauth 2.0 credential in google (it is using in production apps)
so i cannot register it in firebase.

After looking a lot was this instead of the sha1 key generated from
expo fetch:android:hashes i added to my firebase project the first sha1 key from play store generate new google services json add that key to certificateHash in app json and it worked