Removing the READ_SMS permission on Android for Google Play's new policy


Ok thanks, I’ve updated the apk on the app store but my artefact library still has READ_SMS as a required permission. It sounds like I just have to wait for that to be removed


just built with expo build:android, no permissions specified in app.json and READ_SMS is in the AndroidManifest.xml file :frowning:


Sorry, I misspoke earlier. The READ_SMS permission has been removed only from SDK 32 builds. For SDK 31 and older, you’ll need to set "permissions": [] – or list out the permissions you use, if you do use extra permissions – in your app.json file.


I’m using sdk 30 and 31, I can confirm that the alert is still there even after some time. I’ve this in one of apps:


and this in the other:


I need to contact Google and explain the situation or is a bug in Google Play Console?


The alert on the Google Play dashboard appears even if your latest uploaded APK is compliant. Checking your APK manifest is the best way to see the source of truth.


I noticed that although the "permissions":[] trick works, the in-app permissions that I have configured (such as LOCATION and NOTIFICATIONS) are ignored. If I update the SDK to latest version, and remove the empty array from app.json, will this get solved?


@ide I am include to give permissions:[] in app.json, but I am afraid that will disable PushNotification permission. How do I ensure I dont loose push notification permission ?


My Push Notification permission got disabled. How do I “whitelist” it? I tried including "" in the app.json file to no avail.