Alternative to React-Native-Webview

Are there any alternative packages to React-Native-Webview that actually work?


you will need to be much more precise than this in your query. what are you trying to do? on what platform? what is it that does not work for you? can you share the code?

Sorry for being vague. My app needs to render webpages and for that I’m currently using react-native-webview. However, when I launch any video from any website (from Webview) it messes up the orientation (full screen video exit messes up layout in Webview)

So I would like to find out if that bug is coming from Webview itself or from another package. When I hardcode the video (using expo-av) it works fine.

Also, I recently started the dev. from scratch, using React-Navigation 5.0 and Hooks only… Same result.

it’s worth creating an issue on the react-native-webview github repository and explaining your problem, perhaps they are aware of it and have a solution or are working on one

I actually did, a while ago. Luckily, I found a way around the bug after right after I posted here. I shared my solution on github but couldn’t do it on the expo forum since the thread is closed.

What is the solution that you found? :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

If you want just to open a video on the browser just use Web Browser component from expo