Appstore payment fees while using Stripe?


So we’re using Stripe to process payments for subscriptions to our apps premium services. I’m in doubt whether this should be reported to Google/Apple somewhere for them to receive their 30% cut, or if they only take that cut if the app uses their payment solutions (StoreKit for iOS/In-App Billing on Android)?

Both binaries have passed reviews without feedback on this issue. Does anyone know what I should do here? :smiley:


Couple of questions did you eject your app?

Secondly, if you did are you using apple pay and are there any in app purchases?


I did not eject. I went with Stripe to avoid ejecting, seeing as Expo does not support the native IAP options.

I have a subscription offer in my app that users pay via Stripe at the moment. The subscription unlocks features in the app.

Upon further research, it seems I have to bite the bullet and

  1. Eject to ExpoKit
  2. Re-implement payment with the native IAP options (perhaps via a JS wrapper lib) and dump Stripe.


@jhalborg, how did you manage to get your app in the App Store selling subscriptions without using in app purchases? We have faced rejection.


@dev_temporadalivre - Luck I guess, but we might as well be rejected on next submission, so we aim to fix it before then.

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