Awesome - camera window is not showing in the screen


We are developing a mobile application using React Native currently we are facing an issue with Credit Card scanning issue. When we click on scan card, the flash light is opening but the camera window is not showing in the screen. We are using React Native Awesome component in the application for card scanning. But its not working do you have any solution in


Can’t help debug unless we can see your code. If you create an example on we can take a look.


This modul: will not work with expo. You can’t link 3rd party libraries with expo.


@jesse do you know of any working example of scanning credit card with expo?


there isn’t a great way to do it right now. you can add a request for native module support here:

otherwise you’d probably have to capture the image and send it to a server for processing over the network, which is probably doable but probably noticeably worse than something that processes images efficiently right on the device.


Thanks @ccheever. Scanning credit card has to happen on the client. I will add request on canny.


did you get a work around for this? Would be nice to get CC scanning usning Can anyone shed some light on a work around?


some news regarding ?


any updates on this?


You’ll need to eject to expokit to link the library (


no other way to scan credit card without ejecting ?