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I am looking for help around a mobile app I am getting developed on both android and IOS. There is one main sticking point that I’d love to get your advice on if it is possible to do, how etc before I approach the developer.

A manager in a company wants to capture and store data that employees want to share onto the cloud. The preferred method is gdrive/drop box/MS one drive. Say this manager sets up a ‘master folder’ on the preferred cloud storage provider that he/she controls. Every employee using the app will have information captured via the app published/pushed to this folder automatically (it’s a requirement of the app).

An automatic sub-folder is set up under the master folder with that employees name and date. The naming and dating are automatic so the source can be traced. The sub folder will capture data up to midnight after which a new sub folder is set up for the new day with the same name but new date. All data pushed to the folder is captured ongoing.

Is it possible to create these links or paths from the app to the ‘master folder’ on the preferred cloud storage platform? What are the considerations? Difficulties? I presumed with API’s available that this might be possible.? Sorry if the question is confusing, Help appreciated!

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