Can't Build iOS app with no error displayed


Hello, I’m trying to bundle a standalone ios app but I can’t seem to get it to work, the only thing I have in my console is :

▼creating keychain
[02:28:28] Using gulpfile /usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[02:28:28] Starting 'ios:create-keychain'...
creating new keychain...
Executing command: security show-keychain-info /private/tmp/xdl/fbbf4120-5ffd-11e8-8b26-89f0e998c2a8.keychain
Keychain "/private/tmp/xdl/fbbf4120-5ffd-11e8-8b26-89f0e998c2a8.keychain" timeout=360000s
created new keychain
saved keychain info to /private/tmp/6deaf046-f05f-4ab9-9036-95dc10bf1e09-keychain-info.json
[02:28:30] Finished 'ios:create-keychain' after 1.43 s
deferring keychain deletion
done creating keychain
▼getting credentials
getting credentials
▼(unnamed build phase)

Anyone :disappointed:?


I am also receiving this exact issue.


Hi! Can you successfully log into the Apple developer site? Some people have hit this issue because they need to sign the new privacy agreement. Also make sure that you are on the latest version of exp.


@jesse I did make sure that I could log into the Apple developer site and I am on the latest exp (as well as the expo sdk).

I added my own .p12 files so I think something may have gone wrong there. I will be going back through the docs and following the suggested example of how to create the .p12 files.

@titozzz Did you also provide your own certs?


@titozzz @notatrojanhorse
Hello, could you please send us your builds ids which failed? Thanks!


Sure I also uploaded my own p12 files since I already had them @notatrojanhorse


@dsokal Some build ids:



@dsokal thanks for looking into this.

Here is a build id that had the exact same failure: d7a5334c-75a8-446f-9b05-f540d044d3eb


@titozzz @multiscale
It’s a shame to write about it, but your passwords (i’m not sure which exactly, but probably a password for distribution certificate) destroyed build logs. It’s totally our fault, because we are looking for all occurrences of user passwords in logs and we are replacing them with XXX. Unfortunately we don’t do it smart enough and if a password is very simple and it’s a common set of characters then unexpected things can happen - like destroying JSON objects. Could you please set different password (something more complicated) and try again? After this change build logs should be more descriptive. Sorry for this, we’ll try to solve this issue better soon.


Hello I used a complicated password, now there are logs but the build still fails :




I went back and recreated my .p12 files and .mobileprovision profiles according to the suggested articles to make sure they were all related:

How to make a p12 file for iOS
How to make a mobileprovision file

After adding a sufficiently secure password for my distribution and push notification certs, I got a build error like this one: Enterprise Build failed.

I found:

… we have more detailed logs which we intentionally don’t show to users, it turns out that you uploaded wrong provisioning profile. It’s not associated with distribution certificate you provided us with.

After looking through there, I checked my provisioning profiles to make sure they were all related and they were. It turned out that the bundleIdentifier in the app.json had a typo and I was trying to build for a different app ID than the certs/mobileprovision were made for.

Hope that helps!


Your provisioning profile seems to be corrupted. Please try to regenerate it.


I let you guys handle the provision file and build suceeded.

Thanks @dsokal

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