Can't use XDE on macOS Sierra: Simulator not installed


Getting this error, when trying to run a project:

I have the latest Xcode for Sierra installed. The next version is for High Sierra. Upgrading to High Sierra is not an option.


Did you try the xcode-select command included in the error output?


Yes, thrice.

Sorry, for not mentioning that.


Behind the scenes, Expo XDE is running some command like this:

xcrun simctl install booted </path/to/> which puts our Expo Client app on your simulator. If something goes wrong when we do that, then we output this error.

What happens if you run this at a terminal?

osascript -e 'id of app "Simulator"'

It should output something like If it doesn’t then you may want to diagnose any issues with your Simulator installation.


osascript: can’t open default scripting component.


I googled that message and it looks like the recommended course of action is to reboot your computer.

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