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Hey I feel like this is a somewhat simple fix, and may have been addressed in a previous post but I couldn’t seem to find it.

Up until somewhat recently I had no problems running expo start … publish etc. But I think I changed some of my app.json slugs or names or something and now I can’t start without using npm start scripts, and I can’t publish. When I manually add a publish script to npm and run expo publish that way I get version errors.



Hey @wcc.scofield,

What Expo SDK version are you using? Also, could you paste the errors you’re getting so I can get a better idea of what the root issue could be?



I am running on SDK version 30.0.0, and I have attached the errors when I run it in Gitbash but I don’t think they’re going to be too much help…

It was working before so I may re-initialize, re-clone and copy over my code and then republish to expo cause that was something I wanted to do anyway. I will be able to re-name that way (although I’m sure there’s a better way) and I think that will fix the problem. expoError




Let me know if the re-initialization fixed the problem @wcc.scofield

If it didn’t, try following the solution posted here Expo CLI looks installed but 'expo: command not found'. Seems it might be the same issue.



Hey, sorry for the late response. Strangely enough I had to reinstall ‘npm install -g expo-cli’ globally again for it to recognize my expo command. I’m not sure how that could have been the case considering I init’d the project using expo. But… that’s a good first thing to try when running into this issue!


Happy to hear you got things working!

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