No such file error when using yarn workspaces

I recently started to try and eject my app that is currently in a yarn workspace. I went through the installation instructions for react-native-unimodules. My pod install command worked fine after updating the node_module location like is suggested: use_unimodules!(modules_paths: [’…/…/node_modules’]).

I am running into an issue building the app from xcode with the following error:

../node_modules/expo-updates/scripts/ No such file or directory
Command PhaseScriptExecution failed with a nonzero exit code

I believe this is because the node_modules are not actually in that location and should be up another level because of yarn workspaces. I am going to try and use the no-hoist option for yarn workspaces
but would really prefer not to do that. Has anyone ran into this?

you need to update the path that it points to in the build phases of your project if it’s not in the parent directory node_modules

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@notbrent Thanks for pointing me in the right direction there, I didn’t know where that config lived! That at least got me past that error and I can debug the next one separately.

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