EAS Build -> Managed Workflow -> Expo Publish -> App crashes

Hey all. So if I understand things correctly when I build with eas build it uses the default release channel.

Once the app is published and submitted to TestFlight I am trying to send a minor update to it using expo publish but what happens is my app just crashes once I publish an update.

Any idea why this could be happening?

You should debug this further- it strongly indicates that your new JS has a fatal error in it that’s causing your app to crash. You can use something like Sentry to try and get more information on those errors

In the future- posting that your app is crashing and asking why is just way to general, and it’s impossible for anyone to offer any real help. You should debug your app the same way you’d debug any other code you’ve written to try and identify the root cause and fix it. We have a guide on production app debugging you can follow as well

Thanks Charlie appreciate the candid feedback. No problem with the javascript bundle, once I package and deploy through eas build again all works fine.

Just trying to ascertain whether it should work really here before diving deep as I noticed the limitations on eas build for managed workflows but there was nothing indicating this would be a problem.

heya, check out this section of the docs: Over-the-air updates - Expo Documentation

this is a temporary quirk that will go away when we get closer to launching proper managed support

Ah yes that’s the problem, thanks Brent. Apologies I missed that in the docs.

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sorry about that @sensive ! I was not aware of the need for the --target bare flag when running expo publish for EAS managed apps right now