enablePersistence() strorage is not working


Hey All

I’m working with react-native using CRNA and firebase and created the app. As I’m using enablePersistence() storage and offline persistence storage is not implemented. I’ve specified as:

     apiKey: "AIzaSyCPW020BADuNGvwOPhad4XSq_UYVK3OSxM",
     authDomain: "firestorecrud-b08be.firebaseapp.com",
     databaseURL: "https://firestorecrud-b08be.firebaseio.com",
     projectId: "firestorecrud-b08be",
     storageBucket: "firestorecrud-b08be.appspot.com",
     messagingSenderId: "742054197796"

   const settings = {timestampsInSnapshots: true};


And I’m getting an error:

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance


I’m encountering the same issue.

I’m thinking from what I can see here

The Firebase JS SDK doesn’t fully support offline persistence yet in all browsers, and I’m guessing that’s why it doesn’t work inside Expo.

Can anyone confirm?

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