Error when running exp build:ios


Hi peeps,

I’m running exp build:ios but I just keep getting a failed build (, I was hoping there were some details in the logs but this is the output I found:

▼creating keychain
[17:57:07] Using gulpfile /usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[17:57:07] Starting ‘ios:create-keychain’…
creating new keychain…
Executing command: security show-keychain-info /private/tmp/xdl/879144b0-6ddb-11e8-8fde-e3ba1a30413f.keychain
Keychain “/private/tmp/xdl/879144b0-6ddb-11e8-8fde-e3ba1a30413f.keychain” timeout=360000s
created new keychain
saved keychain info to /private/tmp/0900eb43-97de-4c53-a3e9-10aafffc8ffb-keychain-info.json
[17:57:08] Finished ‘ios:create-keychain’ after 1.41 s
deferring keychain deletion
done creating keychain
▼getting credentials
getting credentials
▼importing cert into keychain
[17:57:10] Using gulpfile /usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[17:57:10] Starting ‘ios:import-cert-into-keychain’…
▼importing certificate into keychain
importing certificate into keychain…
certificate has password
Executing command: security import /private/tmp/turtle/0900eb43-97de-4c53-a3e9-10aafffc8ffb/cert-37769500-a3f5-41d5-937a-0fe9a23c753f.p12 -A -k /private/tmp/xdl/879144b0-6ddb-11e8-8fde-e3ba1a30413f.keychain -f pkcs12 -P XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
1 identity imported.
imported certificate into keychain
▼importing cert into keychain
[17:57:10] Finished ‘ios:import-cert-into-keychain’ after 144 ms
▼getting credentials
done getting credentials
▼running archive builder
running shell app builder
extracting build configuration from app.json
▼running gulp task
[17:57:25] Node flags detected: --type
[stderr] /usr/local/Cellar/node/10.4.0/bin/node: bad option: --type
[17:57:25] Respawned to PID: 97975
▼running archive builder
unable to run shell app builder
▼deleting keychain
[17:57:26] Using gulpfile /usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[17:57:26] Starting ‘ios:delete-keychain’…
deleting keychain…
[17:57:28] Finished ‘ios:delete-keychain’ after 1.29 s

Have any of you guys seen this error before?


It looks like this is a duplicate of iOS build failing?

I also was able to get one build to succeed


Sorry about this, it’s an issue we became aware of yesterday and have since resolved. If you build again, it should work.


No problem, you rock! There’s always bumps in the road :smiley:

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