`exp build:android` taking a very long time


I’ve started an exp build:android, but while the docs say it should take a few minutes, mine has been running for close to an hour now. Whenever I do exp build:status I get Android: Build in progress....

Not sure how long it’s normally supposed to take? Is there a way to cancel a build a start over? Is that necessary or should I just wait it out? My app runs fine and is relatively small.



The Android builds typically take 30-60 minutes. Is your build still showing as in progress?



It seemed to have finished overnight, but the build:status wasn’t showing any URL, just said that I had no builds in progress.

So I tried to do another build:android and this time it completed in just a few minutes with a proper url showing at the end so it seems like I’m all good now. But was strange behaviour for a while there.



Hi dikaiosune,

My android build waiting in queue for more than one and half hour. Here is my Build ID: 627d8b64-c9a4-4814-b3b9-9bf285a20ae1.



Hi there –

We had some issues with the Android builders this evening.

The issue has been fixed and the queue is processing.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Adam (@skevy)



my app taking a very very long time to build.
Past 15 hours and nothing. only show me Android: Build in progress…
sorry about my english… but help me. kkkkk