Exp build:ios failed with `unable to build and sign IPA`


I changed the bundleIdentifier and re-built the app, and let Expo handles all credentials.
It’s failing despite multiple attempts.

Build link: https://expo.io/builds/d8eb94be-bdb8-4c9f-9b06-9a36d25b6709

building and signing IPA
Executing command: security cms -D -i /private/tmp/turtle/6a24fb58-8955-4225-a080-64079548f019/provisioning/6a24fb58-8955-4225-a080-64079548f019.mobileprovision
done retrieving provisioning profile
Checking if teamID is present in keychain and that certificate is valid...
decoding p12 certificate
verifying certificate is installed
Executing command: security find-identity -v -s (XXXXXXXXXX)
confirmed team ID is present in keychain
Chose export method: app-store
writing export-options.plist file...
building IPA
Executing command: fastlane gym -n unsigned.ipa --workspace /usr/local/turtle-agent/shellAppWorkspaces/ios/default/ExpoKitApp.xcworkspace --scheme ExpoKitApp --archive_path /private/tmp/turtle/6a24fb58-8955-4225-a080-64079548f019/archive.xcarchive --skip_build_archive true -i 7E0EBCDED0F3DAEB2D39DC6B788AC3F19B3264AF --export_options /private/tmp/turtle/6a24fb58-8955-4225-a080-64079548f019/provisioning/export-options.plist --export_method app-store --export_xcargs OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS="--keychain /private/tmp/turtle-agent/589a9313-4842-11e8-8037-0050568e8abf.keychain" -o /private/tmp/turtle/6a24fb58-8955-4225-a080-64079548f019/build --verbose
Unable to generate IPA.
unable to build and sign IPA

Found the problem: slug must be changed to avoid conflict with the previous bundleIdentifier that has the same slug.

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