expo-branch: Branch.subscribe(..) crashes

Hi all,

Expo SDK 40 iOS - Standalone build (managed workflow)

I have Branch.createUnviersalObject and Branch.showShareSheet working. But unfortunately this is fairly useless to me without Branch.subscribe.

When I call Branch.subscribe my application immediately crashes. I have tried to wrap the call within a try/catch block and Alert the error but this did not work.

When analyzing the XCode console logs - with my device attached - when opening the app to try and observe the crash, bizarrely no errors are logged. The app simply dies.

I am at a complete dead end here and have wasted a lot of time trying to get this to work so if anybody has any ideas I would really appreciate it. Also just knowing that others are experiencing the same problem would be somewhat reassuring.

Many thanks,

If anybody reads this question and is successfully using branch.subscribe in a managed expo App it would be great to at least just know this :slight_smile: