Expo Client at dev mode runs too slowly recently

Since about March I have been experiencing very very slow performance of my app only at dev mode. Of course I know that dev mode can be slower than production mode maybe two or three times. But now, it is about tens of time slower and it gets more slower as I use my app with Expo client. Expo client on Android phones suffer more bad performance.

As soon as I change to production mode with expo start -c --no-dev, performance is normal. (I usually run dev mode with expo start -c --dev --no-minify, or sometimes press d)

This could be caused by some bug of my App. If I git to previous version, which I released in Feb, when I didn’t experience this, show very bad performance with current Expo Client. So, I think root cause is not within my app.

My app has been using Expo v32.0.0 since Jan 2019, and use react-native-maps, redux, etc. I tried to use recent version of expo-cli, but it was not relevant.

Recent version of Expo client is release at Feb. 11. So, it is weird that I began experiencing this issue in March ( I am not sure it was early March or late March). I have been searching for this forum and internet to find similar issues but failed. Is there anybody experiencing this issue? I would appreciate if somebody give me any clue.