expo-localization fails with Expo 30.0.1


I’m trying to use expo-localization, but it’s failing with the error

undefined is not an object (evaluating '_ref.locale')

which occurs in the _syncLocals function in LocalizationModule when called from its constructor.

To use it I simply did

yarn add expo-localization

in my non-ejected Expo app, then added

import { Localization } from 'expo-localization';

to my App.js file.

Is it necessary to eject and add native libraries to just get the current locale? The docs for Localization in Expo are very unclear on this.


expo-localization is introduced in v31. I would recommend you update the expo version. Then you can use the lib with:

import { Localization } from 'expo'
// or
import { Localization } from 'expo-localization'

But if you don’t want to do that you could also use the soon-to-be-deprecated:

import { DangerZone } from 'expo';
const { Localization } = DangerZone;

Which you can learn more about in the docs: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v30.0.0/sdk/localization

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Thanks, this solves my problem!

It would be good to have the minimum version listed in each document, as it’s fairly confusing. For example, the npm package (https://www.npmjs.com/package/expo-localization) talks about installing CocoaPods, which of course makes no sense if you have not ejected, and suggests that this only works with ejected apps.

If a feature can work with both ejected and non-ejected apps, it should call out that you do not have to eject to use it.

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