Expo SDK 38 after new Apple rules regarding IDFA

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 38
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): all

Hi there, I have a small question regarding Expo + Apple IDFA changes going effective on early next year (more context in this Expo thread).
Right now, our mobile app runs on Expo SDK 38 (which includes some packages, like Segment, that “use” IDFA as default).

Whenever the IDFA changes go effective, does this mean that our app will start to automatically ask tracking permissions to our users? Or is the IDFA going to be all zeroes after this?

Our app doesn’t really use IDFA, but our main concern is users would see this prompt as a terrible UX (and we don’t want that to happen). Assuming this won’t be a problem on SDKs 39 and 40, but just wanted to double check it’s mandatory to update the SDK, in order to avoid this unexpected prompt.

Hey @manumid, we’ve removed IDFA from the modules beginning with SDK39. Please see the changelog for more information.


Hey Adam, thanks for your reply.
Yes, I know that Expo SDK 39 and 40 don’t contain any code related to IDFA (that’s why I said that we wouldn’t have a problem with them).

But the question goes around how would the Expo SDK 38 behave when these new policies go effective. Should we update our mobile app to the latest SDK, in order to avoid undesired “tracking permission” prompts? (could that happen?)

Thank you.

Hey, @adamjnav!

we’ve removed IDFA from the modules beginning with SDK39.

According to the docs:

Apple will ask you whether your app uses the IDFA: the answer is “yes.”

  • is this still relevant? Since IDFA is not included in builds starting SDK39, should we confirm the presence of IDFA when submitting managed builds to the AppStore?

Thank you in advance