Facebook Pixel (Request)


Hello Friends,

In order to integrate Facebook Pixel on my app, I’m having to eject but this seems like this should be an Expo core component. In fact, it seems like Expo should be including this package https://github.com/facebook/react-native-fbsdk

I know you can do facebook logins etc, but including the full facebook SDK I think really important because people would like to use many features that Facebook has to offer.

Is this available today and I don’t know about it? Or is there a subscribed methodology of getting user data ie: when someone clicks, installs, subscribes etc, data out of the app for marketing purposes?

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Thanks for the request. We’d like to support all of these things so we’ll discuss.

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FYI there is a workaround for anyone that MUST have a Pixel and doesn’t want to eject (like me).

Segment actually integrates directly with Facebook Pixel so you can use Segment for all of your data goodness. Use the Segment events are you’re set.

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Cool – good to know. Thanks for sharing!


@fourcolors Is this Segment: https://segment.com


Hi there, I’m having the exact same issue. Can you elaborate how did you implement Pixel with expos Segment. I’ve tried that but turns out Segments website only supports web version of facebook Pixel.