FaceID support?



I’ve been trying to google around to see if Expo has any FaceID support, but it doesn’t as far as I can tell. Does anyone know if it does?

I did find that https://github.com/naoufal/react-native-touch-id actually also supports FaceID, but I’m not sure if they did anything to support it or if the phone just use FaceID when you ask for touch/fingerprint.


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Right now it isn’t the case but please stay tuned for if and when we get support for FaceID.

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@edgar @Expo

I’m looking to use FaceID in a project right now, is there any planned support for it within the immediate future? iPhone X doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, and therefore any biometric functionality cannot be used on whats meant to be the newest and greatest iPhone.

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Hi guys,

Is there any update on this?

We’re trying to spec out a new version of our app however without FaceID we’re probably going to have to ditch bio-login alltogether.

Is there anything public we could contribute to? Happy to write some obj-c!

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I would really like to see Face ID support. We’re bringing out an RN port of an existing native iOS app and this is the one missing feature blocking it.



The existing Fingerprint API already works for FaceId


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