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I am trying to make a webview into the entire screen of the device. As you can see, on android, looks better than IOS

                style={{width: Dimensions.get('window').width,
                       height: Dimensions.get('window').height}}
                source={{html: response}}/>


All you need:

          flex: 1
      ><Webview /></View>


thanks for your response, but I get the same result in IOS, it dosent show full screen


this is what I did

  <View  style={{flex: 1}}>
                source={{html: response}}/>


By any change is there any parent views other than this new one you added, also by any chance can you make it a snack


No I already tried adding the view with the flex of one, removing it and is the same I could post to on snack


here it is



Hey @ispcloudservices here is an example of a webview that is full screen


You should add a flex of 1 to your web view as shown in the example of @jimmylee

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