How can I use ios device to test "bare-expo" app

I am pretty new to apps and expo, but I am trying to see if I can fix an expo-camera issue. I followed the steps from, but I can only run the app on a simulator. Since I want to use camera, I need to be able to run it in a physical device. I tried to build it using xcode, but I keep running into a bunch of different errors (code signing, Haste module naming collision, and etc.). How should the workflow be if I want to work on editing expo-camera package?

We recommend that folks interested in contributing to the SDK use the apps/bare-expo project in their SDK development workflow instead of the Expo client. The Expo client itself (in the ios/ and android/ directories) are difficult to setup and require API tokens.

Do I need to set up Expo client that they don’t recommend? I couldn’t find any guide for this though.

Hey @youngeonlee, are you saying you followed the README for the bare-expo app and it’s not building for you? expo/apps/bare-expo at master · expo/expo · GitHub


Thank you for commenting! Running “yarn ios” already worked, but since I want to use the camera functionality, I needed it to run on my device instead of a simulator.

I think the problem was that I had to run “yarn react-native start” before running the app on xcode. It seems to work for now.