iOS Status Bar orientation


I am trying to lock screen orientation to landscape right. In my app.json I have specified "orientation": "landscape" but that did not seem to lock orientation for the app. I then used Expo.ScreenOrientation.allow(Expo.ScreenOrientation.Orientation.LANDSCAPE_RIGHT); which worked. Now I am noticing strange behavior in which the app stays locked but the status bar is still rotating.


hi, what version of expo are you using? Can you provide a small reproducible test case?


Had this same thing happen to me. It occurs off and on. There’s a related issue for it.

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I also experienced the same case as in the GitHub issue, it is on and off for me. After creating a snack the behavior was gone. It went away in my app as well. Will report back if I notice it again and have more info.

Version info: “expo”: “^23.0.0”, “react”: “16.0.0”, “react-native”: “”, and the latest version of Expo XDE (23.0.0).

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@mc10 – let’s continue handling this issue on the GitHub issue since we keep track of that internally too. You should be able to receive support there as you need. :smile:

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