Is there a way of implementing periodic background tasks?


I found this implementation: but was wondering if Expo has a native solution for background processes.

background tasks need to be performed for syncing of data

We don’t have this yet, but plan to build it. Please vote on !


Ah ok, thank you! Do you know if libraries like the one I linked would be compatible with my expo app?


I think that’ll work if you detach to ExpoKit, but unfortunately background tasks do require native code generally, so until we’ve built the feature it probably won’t be possible while un-detached :(.


Gotcha. Do you have an idea about the timeline for adding background task support to Expo?


as soon as we can, we don’t have any hard timeline right now but this is an important priority



Anyone checked this ???


Based on the original Expo document on the program mentioned, what are your assessments? Please share