OTA Updates Not Working On Android (2)


So it’s been almost a month now and I have no response on my other question here:


Hey @bwillis98,

Sorry for letting this slip through the cracks! Never our intention to neglect anyone with support. Just glanced at your other post. What SDK is your project built with?




Hey, hopefully it’s not too late, but our sdk version is 29. We’ve had this issue for a couple of versions now and were hoping it was something we were doing wrong (still hoping, honestly).


Hey @bwillis98,

Thanks for the response. Definitely not too late! I’m thinking it has to be something on your end as we would have had multiple reports of OTA updates not working if it was a more widespread issue.

Can you share what you have under the updates field in your app.json and just to be certain, can you make sure that your slug and the account used for publishing/building has remain unchanged.




Here’s my updates field:

    "updates": {
      "fallbackToCacheTimeout": 0

And yeah, the slug and account used has remained unchanged this entire time.

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