Published app never opens nor errors, just hangs


I published via exp and exp xde and the published link won’t open. The expo app just stays at the splash. I can publish other apps and load those fine. Something is unique wrong about my project code.

I’ll eventually figure this out but curious if someone has tips.


ios and android? I had that issue with ios. I disabled the splash in one of the plist files (sorry, no mac around right now to know which one). the app fired right up.


Yeah both iOS and android


exp start --minify

^showed an error about one of my assets/images not found.

I think I fixed it by deleting /.expo and /node_modules and running yarn install again.

Then I got into a host of another set of errors. Below issue is inside react-native , and it affects expo 23 & 24 SDK. I don’t know how anyone can run release/production code with expo 23 & 24. (react-native 0.51.0 & 0.50.3). Therefore I downgraded all the way to expo 22 and now everything publishes.


Another way I solved it was via downgrading uglify-es (an indirect package dependency) and manually changing code in ./node_modules/react-native :

pretty nasty fix IMO - choose your poison.

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