react-navigation + deep linking

I am attempting to use the Deep Linking expo module in our app. I am posting here after spending 3 days trying to resolve the issue. The issue is as follows,

We have defined two paths for deep linking in our app. “Home” and a “Demo” page. If the app is closed and I open the link via mobile safari as “myapp://home” the app opens and directs to the correct page. Linking.getInitialUrl returns the correct URL.

However, if the app remains open, and I open a new link via the browser nothing happens. The view does not change and the addEventListener does not fire.

I included the RTCLinking library as per the react-native docs and added the relevant AppDelegate.m changes but at this point, it is a complete dead end.

SDK 31
react-navigation V3

I have updated the “scheme” prop as well but nothing I have tried thus far helps.