Run Expo Client App Code from github Locally in our device using windows ?


I am trying to run expo client app code in my windows system. is it possible? i am not able to run that on android studio as well.


Debug your Android app in offline mode with #Expo CLI:

  1. Run apps on a hardware device

  2. Configure on-device developer options

  3. Run Expo CLI

  4. Select Local connection instead LAN

  5. And “Run on Android device/emulator”

  6. Turn off WiFi and mobile data

  7. Voilà…!


No No…i am talking about expo client app code here…instead of my app. i want to run the expo client code from github in my system and device. followed the steps written there, but its not working.


Ups, sorry … my reading ability in English sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

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