ScreenRotation.ALL error in iOS


Hi, i’ve found an issue after updating to Expo 31 i’m getting an error on iOS 12.1, specifically on iPhone X, when i call this on a screen:


I get the following error: This device does not support this orientation ALL. Here is the info:

Also, i’ve noticed in Android, when i lock in the settings the view to vertical the phone keeps changing the orientation.



hi @ispcloudservices

Regarding your iOS question: the ALL orientation contains the PORTRAIT_UPSIDE_DOWN mode, which is not natively supported on the iPhone X. Here is a list of devices that don’t support the portrait upside down mode:

Regarding your Android question: Depending on what orientation you’ve locked your phone to, Android uses a variety of phone sensors/user settings to determine whether it should rotate the screen. Here is a mapping of our API to the native android settings, and here are the descriptions of the Android lock policies:

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Thanks! This solved my problem, maybe it can be added to Documentation pages in the future.

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