Segment's trackAppLifecycleEvents option can't be set?

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 33
  2. Platforms(ios/android/both): both

I’ve been working with segment for a while and I’ve been trying to figure out how to turn the trackAppLifecycleEvents to be able to automatically track a few key common events with their Native Mobile Spec like Application Installed , Application Updated and Application Opened .

Is there a way to set it with the initialize function?

I have found this trackAppLifecycleEvents in Managed flow? but it’s closed even though there’s no solution on it.

along with that I was looking at the github issues and Segment “Application Installed” event not firing
where someone closed it saying it doesn’t apply anymore to the new releases. But the issue is still there and I don’t want to detach just because of this. In the same thread someone suggested a work around for that but another issue shows up is that some destinations like “AppsFlayer” need to have special keys passed in the “integrations” dictionary which I can’t seem to be able to initialize because your segment implementation sadly doesn’t support it. Segment Selecting Destinations

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I’m looking the same feature.
Let’s try to keep this post open in order to get an answer.

Thanks for the post!

If this is not something that currently works in Expo then maybe you could post a feature request here: