Set voice for text to speech


I have to use react-native-tts instead of Expo Speech module because there is a huge difference between default iOS voice Expo uses and the native siri one you can pick.

On iOS, it’s basically just adding

utterance.voice = [AVSpeechSynthesisVoice voiceWithIdentifier:voice] can be used as a reference

Can someone update Speech module to support setting voice or point me to where I can find it to make PR?

feature request on Canny


Hey @andrey,

If this is urgent for you, it’d be best to submit a PR since as far as I know, this isn’t in the pipeline to be added to the SDK near-term. Our source of truth is this repo




Hey @adamjnav, thanks for your reply. Made PR here:


Awesome, thanks for doing that! Looks like James has already started some back and forth with you there.

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