should i have the knowledge of android and Ios if i detach my expo application.


Currently, I am working on an expo application and a request come to use the tenser flow implementation.
Becuase Expo doesn’t support the tenser flow implementation so I think to detach the expo app. But there is some doubts in my mind as I said that I am new in expo technology.

  1. If I detach the expo app and going to implement the native functionality then should I have to work on android and ios development separately or it will work as React native project created using the (“react-native init”).
  2. I am using the expo inbuilt functionality in large amount then it will work as earlier or I have to make changes for these also.


Hi! Please read our guide about ExpoKit: It answers both of these questions.


Thanks jesse for your reply.
Yes i go through it but after that it is not clear to me, how to run android project(folder) on emulator and detect the changes, because after detach the project when i open the android folder into Android Studio it give me lot of errors.
Another questions is that if i make any changes into any .js file then it will be reflect in both android and ios folder or not.

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