Unable to run Expo on simulator..... Error: Expo/ Mac issue SpringBoard quit unexpectedly,


Anytime I try to run the app from my macbook or trigger run command (to run on mac ios simulator ) , I always get this error.

Have anyone able to get over this error message ?


Hello! What version of Xcode do you have?


I got 8.3.2 ( some number ) but it aint the latest. shall i get the latest ?

should I install the 8.3.3 or 9 beta 2 ?


8.3.2 should be fine. Maybe try looking at these suggestions? https://forums.developer.apple.com/message/37845#37845 I’m not really sure. This is just a bug in the Simulator.


I deleted the Deleting the simulators from /Library/Developer/CoreSimulator

Didnt work

It didnt work.


Ok I’m not really sure. You can install the simulator build manually using these instructions: https://gist.github.com/jesseruder/a627c0dc0427f074d1aecba997c349ef


what else can i do to make it run via XDE ?


I think it’s just a bug with the Simulator so there’s not much I can do. Maybe bring it up on the Apple forums?


but why do only I have this bug others dont have any issue. Also react native cli works great on my simulators.


Since I can’t reproduce it maybe you can look into it and send us a fix?


I’d love to . but the thing i dont know where to look into


One thing that would help would be the crash logs from the simulator. They might point us towards what’s going wrong.


sure, I appreciate your reply @ide where do i get the crash logs ?


I googled and
on here

i found

woudl these be helfpul @ide ?


LOL Seriously man, I dont know how, but it started working this time…
How did it happen ?


Hey harryp!

As you begin to understand your development environment more I think you’ll have more Eureka moments like you just had! I’m glad that things are coming together for you :slight_smile:


thanks man I appreciate your support @jimmylee


heres the solution : SpringBoard quit unexpectedly

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