Uncaught Error: Timed out, no manifest in cache


I’ve just installed the npm version (49.2.2) and initialized a new project.
exp init my-new-expo-project

When I start it I get an error message TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined before it’s done loading:

[exp] Starting React Native packager… [0/131]
[exp] Scanning folders for symlinks in /Users/martins/Work/Tutorials/React/my-new-expo-project/node_modules (12ms)
[exp] Loading dependency graph.
[exp] Successfully ran adb reverse. Localhost urls should work on the connected Android device.
[exp] Dependency graph loaded.
[exp] Error starting tunnel: XDLError: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined
[exp] Expo is ready.
[exp] You can scan this QR code:

I can access the server using curl:

{“name”:“my-new-expo-project”,“description”:“This project is really great.”,“slug”:“my-new-expo-project”,“privacy”:“public”,“sdkVersion”:“25.0.0”,“platforms”:[“ios”,“android”],“version”:“1.0.0”,“orientation”:“portrait”,“icon”:"./assets/icon.png",“splash”:{“image”:"./assets/splash.png",“resizeMode”:“contain”,“backgroundColor”:"#ffffff",“imageUrl”:“http://localhost:19001/assets/./assets/splash.png"},“ios”:{“supportsTablet”:true},“xde”:true,“developer”:{“tool”:“exp”,“projectRoot”:"/Users/martins/Work/Tutorials/React/my-new-expo-project"},“packagerOpts”:{“hostType”:“tunnel”,“lanType”:“ip”,“dev”:true,“minify”:false,“urlRandomness”:“qc-p4z”},“env”:{},“bundleUrl”:“http://localhost:19001/node_modules/expo/AppEntry.bundle?platform=ios&dev=true&minify=false&hot=false&assetPlugin=/Users/martins/Work/Tutorials/React/my-new-expo-project/node_modules/expo/tools/hashAssetFiles”,“debuggerHost”:“localhost:19001”,“mainModuleName”:“node_modules/expo/AppEntry”,“logUrl”:“http://localhost:19000/logs”,“iconUrl”:"http://localhost:19001/assets/./assets/icon.png”}%

But If I try to load it from my phone, I get a timeout. I’ve also verified that I can load the URL in a browser, so it’s not blocked by a FW.

What can I do to get things running?



Can you try logging out and back in to exp?



i have the same problem u.u you can fix it ?


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