Unknown plugin "add-module-exports" error at V30.0.0


After upgrading from V25.0.0 to V30.0.0 I am facing "Building JavaScript bundle: error" with following message:

/Users/Herbert/git/misebig-app/node_modules/string-pixel-width/lib/index.js: Unknown plugin "add-module-exports" specified in "/Users/Herbert/git/misebig-app/node_modules/string-pixel-width/.babelrc" at 0, attempted to resolve relative to "/Users/Herbert/git/misebig-app/node_modules/string-pixel-width"

At Expo app, I see following error message:
Uncaught Error: The Expo SDK requires Expo to run. It appears the native Expo modules are unavailable and this code is not running on Expo...

I did remove node_modules and package-lock.json, and run npm i many times.
I changed start: react-native-scripts start in package.json to start: expo start, but did not work.

This error didn’t happen when I tried to upgrade from V25.0.0 to V29.0.0.

It is likely that string-pixel-width module I have been using well, is using add-module-exports plugin but this is removed at expo V30.0.0.

Will there be any solution?

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