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Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a app that can communicate with NFC chips in lamps. I use create-react-native-app from Expo and I’ve found this library.

The library basically makes it easy to communicate with the NFC chip in the device, both iOS and Android are supported. I get a warning that basically every function is undefined from this library. I’m starting to think that you cannot use this library if you do not use/have the native code for the specific platform. Is that true?

Short questions:

  • Can’t I use third party libraries that use native codes?
  • Is there another way to use the NFC chip in a Android or iOS device?
  • If the above question is answered with no, will this be supported soon?

I hope someone is willing to answer my question(s), as I am not the only one wanting to know this.

Thanks in advance!

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Detaching will allow you to use custom native modules:

You could try detaching and including the NFC library in your app’s native code.


That is really something I rather not do. Is there really no other way as of now? And is NFC implementation planned in the (near) future? I hope it is!

Thanks for your answer.


Unfortunately yes, this is the only way to add native code. :confused: You could make and track a new request on:


Thanks allot for your answer. I found a already existing request on the site you provided here.

Thanks again and lets hope its being implemented as soon as possible!

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