[Video Included] BackHandler is not working after android killed the app -> restart


Digging this BackHandler problem long long time, I found default expo app has the same problem.

See the videos first.

Initial Launch(or restart app after manually kill the app using task manager)
-> back button works well by moving to previous tab navigation.

Restart after android kill the app due to resource lack
-> back button always sends the app to the background.

I found some articles or topics refer to firebase as a reason, but it isn’t(default project doesn’t use firebase at all).

Some more test detail:

  • I tried to add event handler manually by ‘BackHandler.addEventListner’ after restart. but when I press back button, the event handlers are all skipped(I never removed the handler).
  • I have tested on real devices such as Galaxy S9, Galaxy S4, and Mi5.

-> I concluded this is not a specific code/device issue, but Expo or React Navigation Issue.(if anyone has used React Navigation without Expo, please let me know!)

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


Hey @publy,

I would recommend creating an issue on the react-navigation repo as this sounds like it’s pertaining to that library, rather than Expo. Just be sure to thoroughly fill out the issue template there!



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