WebBrowser does not work with detached app


import { Constants, WebBrowser } from ‘expo’;

WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync works within the expo app, but not with detached app. When I click the link on the detached app nothing happens. Need to restart app.

Android standalone app stops responding every two times

is this on Android or iOS?


Seems to be both. I do not get an error on IOS, but in Android I get this error:

"Unable to find explicit activity class (com.x.x./host.exp.exponent.chrometabs.chrometabs ManagerActivity) Have you declared this activity in AndroidManifest.xml)


Same issue here.
After detached app, it works fine on iOS, but getting “Unable to find explicit activity class host.exp.exponent.chrometabs.ChromeTabsManagerActivity …” error on android.


any updates? get the same error in android devices.


Can you try adding


to your AndroidManifest?


@jesse thanks! that worked for me